Demystifying the Technology Selection Process, Part 2

Last week, INN’s CEO Kevin Davis offered some initial steps to follow before deciding on your news organization’s content management system (CMS). This week, he rounds out what every independent news publisher should consider when hiring a technology service provider. Know the different services

A programmer is a person or agency that writes actual code, either on a work-for-hire, licensing or open-source basis. A configurator is a person or agency that understands a particular programming language or platform, but does not actually write code. Instead, they “configure” existing code for your needs. Continue Reading


Five Trends to Inspire your Staff from ISOJ

For two days, journalists and academics gathered in Austin, Texas this past weekend for the 13th International Symposium on Online Journalism hosted at the University of Texas at Austin. This unique event featured panels on the latest trends happening in the news industry around the globe. Continue Reading


An Inside Look at News Innovation: Capital Business

When many news organizations are figuring out how to restructure operations as well as innovate these days, other news entities are ahead of the curve. The Hub takes an inside look at the weekly publication Capital Business, a unique news initiative of the Washington Post. This stand-alone business launched in April 2010 as a weekly publication as part of a special package for print subscribers of the Washington Post. The weekly seeks to cover issues related to banking, real estate, retail, technology, government contracts and the Washington D.C. business community. Since 2010, the weekly has continued to grow. Continue Reading