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Mobile Fundraising: Why aren’t we there yet?

It is the year 2014 and mobile technology is already advancing many aspects of journalism including crowdsourcing, geotagging and augmented reality. For the nonprofits that rely on donations, however, mobile fundraising presents an intriguing opportunity toward sustainability. But how quickly is mobile technology moving into the realm of fundraising? Continue Reading

What you need to know about the $1 million INNovation Fund

Nonprofit news publishers are true believers, committed to informing the public and strengthening democracy. But they are also business owners who have to meet the same economic reality facing for-profit media and technology organizations. At Knight Foundation and the Investigative News Network, we believe that innovation is key to sustainability in the nonprofit news and public media space. So together, we have launched the Knight-funded INNovation Fund to help online news providers diversify their revenues, invest in their businesses and experiment with technology innovations to help increase their prospects for long-term viability. We hope that this fund will encourage experimentation, collaboration, lesson sharing and above all increase the ability for these organizations to have long-term, positive impacts on the communities that they serve. Continue Reading

New fund to give $1 million in micro-grants to innovative nonprofit news and public media projects

Investigative News Network to manage new INNovation Fund with Knight Foundation support
(ENCINO, Calif.) Jan. 28, 2014—The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation today announced that it will invest $1 million in a fund to encourage innovation and experimentation in nonprofit news and public media organizations. The INNovation Fund is a partnership between Knight Foundation and the Investigative News Network (INN), a nonprofit collaborative organization made up of more than 90 nonprofit investigative journalism outlets. The Investigative News Network will select the recipients and manage the program. The $1 million will support around 30 projects during the next two years with micro-grants of up to $35,000. Continue Reading